Getting Started as an AMIAS

Here are the links to both criminal and child background clearances:

STEP 1: Go to this website and get your criminal background check (take less than 24 hours – sometimes instantly):

STEP 2: Next go to the website for the child welfare portal where you obtain your PA Child Abuse History Clearances:

As far as Cogent for FBI fingerprinting, that website has been down for years now! But I just googled it and here it is:

These are the first two steps of five which I shared with Dawn. Here are the rest of the steps and the entire letter to potential AMIIASs – take what you like and leave the rest:

STEP 3: And here is the form for WSO on becoming an AMIIAS. This one you need to print out, fill out then scan or snap a pix and email or text it to me:

Al-Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service.pdf

STEP 4: We also need a statement verifying that you have lived in PA for 10 or more years. This can be a statement in an email stating such. If you have NOT lived in PA for more than 10 years, you need to complete the FBI clearances and turn that in.

STEP 5: And finally, if you have had Mandated Reporter training, we need you to answer 10 questions and sign this form:

Mandated Reporter Quiz

If you haven’t had Mandated Reporter training, you have many options but we have a slide show covering the basics which will help you answer the above quiz:

Mandated Reporter Slide Show