Getting Started as an AMIAS

Al-Anon Members Involved in Alateen Service (AMIAS) have a few things to complete before they can become certified AMIASs and help facilitate meetings. Here are the links for the clearances and the Mandated Reporter Training and Certification that are needed to become an AMIAS. 

STEP 1: Go to this website and get your criminal background check. This usually takes less than 24 hours; sometimes the results are instant!

STEP 2: Next, go to this website and get your Child Abuse History Clearance.

STEP 3: You have two options for Step 3.

1. Verify that you have been a Pennsylvania Resident for 10 years or MORE on the AMIAS Clearance Form in Step 4!
2. If you HAVE NOT been a Pennsylvania Resident for at least 10 YEARS, follow this link to obtain your FBI Fingerprint Clearance:

STEP 4: Fill out the form below. This form also doubles as the Mandated Reporter Quiz. If you have already completed a Mandated Reporter Training Course, please complete the quiz, sign, and submit the form.

Mandated Reporter Quiz

If you have not had Mandated Reporter training, you have several options to complete the training. We have a slide show below that covers the basics which will help you answer the quiz in the form above. 

Mandated Reporter Slide Show


If you have any questions regarding becoming an AMIAS, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]