Coronavirus Response

The Pennsylvania AWSC (Area World Service Committee) has been watching the rapidly changing situation surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and have put together some suggestions for groups and members as they navigate the potentially turbulent times ahead. Please share them with your group and try to make time to discuss them at your next business meeting.

As the situation evolves, we will keep updating this webpage with the latest news, information, and suggestions, as well as temporary meeting closures and event cancellations. Please bookmark this page come back and check it regularly.

Through all this, though, let us not forget: Al‐Anon has but one purpose: to help families of alcoholics. We do this by practicing the Twelve Steps, by welcoming and giving comfort to families of alcoholics, and by giving understanding and encouragement to the alcoholic.

News & Updates

Convention — Coronavirus Update

With all of the cancellations and closures over the past few days, many of you have wondered, “What about the Convention?” So far, the 48th Annual PA AFG Convention is still on and still over 70 days away. We’re working with Susquehanna University to understand their status and what our options might be, but at this point, we feel it is premature to cancel the Convention. We will review the situation again in early April and share any news with you at that time.

A few points, though. First, we will move the early-bird pricing cut-off to May 1. Second, if we would need to cancel, all registration fees will be refunded, so there is no risk to you by registering now.

Keep watching this space for more news about the impacts the Coronavirus is having on the Convention. We are still hopeful that we will be able to see many of you in Selinsgrove on May 29. In the meantime, stay healthy. We will get through this One Day at a Time.

Suggestions for Groups and Members

Stay Informed. First of all, stay informed about what is happening and get your information from reputable sources. The CDC’s website on COVID-19 is a useful starting point, as is the Pennsylvania Department of Health website. For the latest updates that affect Al-Anon, check our Coronavirus Preparedness webpage. It will be updated with the latest news and information, as well as meeting temporary closures and event cancellations.

Laws and Regulations: In all matters, we will be governed by applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Keep abreast of these through reputable, fact-based news sources, as well as the CDC and State websites.

Meeting Cancelations/Temporary Closures: Your group’s meeting place may have its own restrictions which the group will need to abide by. Keep your DR (District Rep) and the Area’s Group Records Coordinator informed about meeting location/time changes or if a group becomes temporarily inactive. Each group should have a contact for their meeting location and the personnel at the meeting location should have a specific Al-Anon person to contact — the GR (Group Rep) or another contact person — to keep the group informed about the specific requirements for that location.

In the last 24 hours, a few groups have already temporarily suspended their meetings. This is evolving quickly and it is important for groups to communicate their status to there members as well as to their DR and the Group Records Coordinator, We will try to reflect those changes on this website, a well.

Note: If the WSO receives reports of groups not meeting, the Area Group Records Coordinator will be notified and she will attempt to verify the information with your District Rep. If she cannot get up-to-date information from the District Rep, the group will be marked inactive. The group will not be marked active again until the District Rep confirms that the group is still meeting at its listed location and time and that she has accurate contact information for the GR (Group Rep) and/or CMA (Contact Mailing Address).

If you are sick, please stay home. Members are encouraged to reach out to one another by calling an Al-Anon friend or to use electronic meetings, which are available almost anytime, anywhere. Discuss with one another how you might maintain “the loving interchange of help among members,” even when members can’t meet face-to-face.

Keeping hands, materials, and surfaces clean. Groups may want to remind members to wash hands or to make hand-sanitizer available. Groups might also consider how to keep materials and surfaces clean, especially eating utensils and equipment, as well as surfaces where food is served or eaten.

Personal Contact: While Al-Anon hugs and holding hands at the end of meetings are a few of the things that make Al-Anon a warm and loving environment, these aren’t required. Tradition 5 could be a helpful meeting topic to generate ideas around “welcoming and giving comfort to families of alcoholics” in an environment where close contact might no longer be safe. Groups may want to take a group conscience to decide how to they want to end their meetings in a warm, spiritual way without holding hands, allowing for members to opt out if the group decides to continue the practice. See more information about Social Distancing at the CDC website.

Additional Considerations

There is a lot of additional information about preparedness outside of meetings at the CDC and from reputable news sources. While these are outside issues, it is good to be informed. Use your best judgment. Discuss them with family and friends.

This might be a good time to reflect on the final message of the Steps: “to practice these principles in all our affairs.” Keep the tools of the program — the Steps, Slogans, and literature — close by.

Meetings Gone Virtual

To notify us about new or updated information about a virtual meeting, fill out our webform.

Meetings Gone Virtual

Due to the Governor’s Stay-at-Home order, most meetings across the state are impacted. Many of them have gone from meeting physically to meeting virtually, either through Zoom, Hangouts, or Conference calls. Most online meetings have a dial-in number, so members and newcomers can connect even without a smartphone or computer.

We are no longer inactivating those meetings from our meeting finder. We want newcomers to know that the meetings exist, but are simply impacted by state, county, local, or even location closures.

To make it easy to find a virtual or online meeting for both members and newcomers, we are now collecting meeting details changes in our PA Area Virtual Meetings List and will do our best to reflect those changes as soon as we are told about them, but it could take as much as 24 hours to update a group’s status.

If you are looking for a meeting in southeast Pennsylvania, you should also check the AISDV website, as they might have more current information. In the Pittsburgh area, check the AIS of Greater Pittsburgh website. To inform us about a group that is not meeting, fill in our webform for Virtual Meeting Updates.

Event Cancellations

To notify us about event cancellations, fill out our webform.

Erie Area Spring Conference

The 45th Annual Erie, PA Spring Conference scheduled for April 17-19 has been canceled. It was sponsored by Erie Area Central AA with Al-Anon participation.

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If this form doesn’t work for you or if you have a bunch of updates with the information already formatted, please email us at [email protected] and provide a phone number where we can reach you if we have questions. Our list is only as good as you keep it. Thank you for being a trusted and faithful servant!

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    Please tell us in the message any information that might be helpful, such as a reschedule date, or how folks might apply for a refund if payments were already made.

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