The 2018 Budget shows expenses are expected to be $2,772 less than revenue for the year: Expenses are estimated to be $5,501,028 and revenues to be $5,503,800.

Projected Expenses

The overall expense is budgeted to increase by $222,499 from last year’s actual expenses. The increase is related to the location of the World Service Conference, the development of three PSA campaigns, and hosting of the International Al‑Anon General Services Meeting (IAGSM). Salaries increased only $9,500 with the normal cost of living and merit increases.

Estimated Income

We are estimating income from literature sales to be about $229,132 more than last year and Forum subscription income to be comparable to the prior year. We are anticipating the introduction of new literature this year to provide the increase in literature sales. We are budgeting contributions to be $2,000,000, which is comparable to last year’s actual. Beginning in 2008, we agreed to transfer up to 4 percent of the average market value of the Reserve Fund.

Following the presentation of the 2018 Budget, the Treasurer said, “The funds that allow us to cover the expenses are literature sales, contributions, investment income, Forum subscriptions and a possible transfer from the Reserve Fund.