Group Records

Al-Anon Group Registration Changes

Report any changes in the group name, meeting place, meeting day or time, specific location instructions, contact information of the Group Representative or Alternate GR, Current Mailing Address (CMA), or Email/Phone Contacts for WSO. You may include a group email address in the location instructions for newcomers and members to get additional information. Note: WSO’s Group Records forms were updated in March 2022. Please replace any old forms you may have with the new versions.

An electronic option to submit group changes is available.  Complete the WSO’s online form at this link: WSO Online Group Records Change Form (Instructions). The WSO will then send the changes to our Area Group Records Coordinator, who will make the changes at the state level and then send them back to WSO.

A PDF form option is also available. This form replaces the old GR-1 form for making updates to the WSO and PA Group Records: Al-Anon Group Records Change Form (Instructions). Completed forms should be mailed to our Area Group Records Coordinator at [email protected].

Please Note: Often the GR and CMA (Current Mailing Address) change at the same time, but we can’t read minds. When the GR changes, please fill out section 7 before submitting. The CMA information is in section 6. If both are changing, please complete both sections on the form. Also, please make sure the phone contacts in section 4 are current and correct. 

Additional Note:  If you send group changes directly to the Area Information Service (Pittsburgh AIS or Delaware Valley AIS), this does not automatically get sent to the PA group records coordinator, so please send any changes to the Area Group Records Coordinator at [email protected] in addition to the AIS.

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Disbanded/Inactive Meetings

Use the above electronic or PDF options to report meetings that are permanently disbanded/inactive.

New Al-Anon Group Registration

Please use the following form to add a new Al-Anon group. This form replaces the old GR-1 form for registering new groups. Email completed forms to our Area Group Records Coordinator at [email protected].

New Al-Anon Group Registration

Instructions on completing form

Guidelines on starting and Al-Anon Group (G-12)

Group Records Archives

AR-6 Group history checklist.pdf

Alateen Records Change Form

Please visit the Alateen section on the Documents and Forms page for further information:  Documents and Forms

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