Here are a few of our recent issues:





  • May 3: Public Outreach using Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism (AFA)
  • April 26: My First Convention Surprised Me
  • April 19: The 59th World Service Conference Ends
  • April 11: Our Delegate Goes to the 59th World Service Conference

The Al-A-Gram welcomes your submissions!

Service is not only about district meetings and Assembly and AWSC meetings. There are thousands of ways to do service in Al-Anon, and we want to hear those stories and share them with the rest of the fellowship.

We especially want:

  • Stories about personal recovery through service.
  • News about upcoming events in your district.
  • Original photography. In keeping with the spiritual principle of anonymity, please do not identify individuals by name or whether they are members of 12 -Step fellowships.
  • Original artwork.
  • Because we are a service arm of Al-Anon Family Groups, we adhere to the Steps, Traditions, and Concepts. Service stories should be written in the first person (“I” and “me”, not “you”) and focus on the Al-Anon member, not on the alcoholic or other people. The Al-A-Gram coordinators reserve the right to edit stories for language, but we will leave the essential message intact.


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