Prior to Conference, members were given the opportunity to review a proposal from the Literature Committee regarding the development of a new bookmark titled, “Just for Tonight,” which would be based on an August 2016 article in The Forum. Following floor discussion, a motion was approved by Conference: That the 2018 World Service Conference give conceptual approval to develop a bookmark based on an August 2016 Forum article titled “Just for Tonight” using inclusive language.

To read the text of the original article, the origins of the proposal, and additional discussion about the proposal, please read The 2018 World Service Conference Summary, page 51

It is important to note that conceptual approval of the new bookmark does not mean that the “Just for Today” bookmark, which is currently in use, will be removed or replaced.

MOTION #6 Vote: 71 Yes, 17 No, 2 Abstentions, 2 Void – CARRIED