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Bookmarks – September – An Attitude of Gratitude

Sep 20, 2023

Is this month getting away from you?

It certainly has gotten away from me, as you can tell from the date of this posting.


I was doing a little bit too much. All. The. Time. And not working my program—never a smart move.

So you’re reading this toward the end of the month, which wasn’t my intention. But I can’t beat myself up for failing to meet my own expectations. Sometimes I need to “fall off the wagon” to appreciate what I have and how good life really is.

On Monday, Sept. 11, I got to my home group meeting for the first time in two weeks. It felt so good to be there! We met in a pavilion by a lake, which offered a peaceful breeze now and then as we read and shared from Courage to Change (B-16). Our topic was Changed Attitudes. I realized I needed to be there before I developed a bad one.

The next day, I expected to have the last infusion for my treatable lymphoma. But no. My nurse said my white-blood cell count was “critically low” and I was at high risk for infection. This was totally unexpected. That day I had the first of three consecutive injections to boost my white-blood cells. The following day I received two units of packed red-blood cells, which were also low.

I dared not go to my beloved healing yoga class or my riding lesson, and masked up to go to the supermarket.

But I was, and remain, okay with all of this. I attribute my acceptance of these unforeseen  events to applying what I read, heard and shared at my meeting. I changed my attitude.

I am grateful to have alert, professional caregivers who truly do perform their work with a sense of joy. I am grateful to have good health insurance. I am grateful for so much. My Higher Power always takes care of me, and my Al-Anon fellowship takes care of me too with their love and support.

I recently walked into our TV room during “Sunday Morning” on CBS. Michael J. Fox, who has been living with Parkinson’s for more than 30 years, was featured. He said something that captured my attention: “With gratitude, optimism is sustainable.”

Gratitude is a game changer.

So if this month has gotten away from you, take a good long breath in and let it go slowly. Be good to yourself.

I know when I work my program—one day at a time—everything that needs to get done gets done and I am neither anxious nor resentful. I am at peace. All is good because my attitude is gratitude. 

Thanks for letting me share!

In grateful service,

Ellen C.

Literature/Forum Coordinator

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