Helping hands in service

Our Area World Service Committee Helping the Groups help the Members

Feb 6, 2024

In my recent post I introduced you to the Area Officers and in this message I would like to announce the Panel 64 members that make up our Area special services.  Part of the Area World Service Committee (AWSC) are Coordinators, Liaisons, and Convention Chairs.

Coordinators for special services are appointed by the Area Chair and serve for three years alongside the Area Officers and the District Representatives.  They coordinate the activities of their service in Pennsylvania and are a liaison between the AWSC and the groups they serve. They report at the AWSC meetings and the Assemblies on the activities in Pennsylvania and on any new information from the World Service Office (WSO).  

The following is a list of our special services and the trusted servants that fill the role this term 2024 – 2026:

Panel 64 – PA Area World Service Committee
Coordinators, Liaisons, and Conventions

Archives Christine F. [email protected]
Literature/Forum Kay C. [email protected]
Public Outreach Beth A.  [email protected]
Group Records Christal R.  [email protected]
Website Donna A.  [email protected]
AIS DV (Interim) Isabelle B.  [email protected]
AIS Pittsburgh Marla B.  [email protected]
PA Conv. Chair 2024 Wendy F. [email protected]
Alateen Denise P. [email protected]
AAPP Debby M. [email protected]
AA Liaison Joanne C.  [email protected]
Tech Coordinator Tony O. [email protected]
NO-MAAC Chair 2024 Alateen NO-MAAC Chair [email protected]

We are blessed in PA to have so many members willing to serve – helping our groups help our members.  Together we can do more as we offer help and hope to families and friends of alcoholics.  Feel free to reach out to any AWSC member with inquiries and questions.  We are here to help!

Your friend,  Lori F

Area Chair, Panel 64