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Chairperson Corner – March 2024

Mar 11, 2024

District Representatives are a vital link!

In this article, it is my honor to discuss the District Representative’s vital role and to introduce our hard-working District Representatives (DR) who serve Pennsylvania.  They are voting members of the Area World Service Committee (AWSC). The DRs serve on the AWSC alongside the PA Area Officers, Coordinators, Liaisons, Convention Chair, and NO-MAAC Chair.

In the links of service in our World Service Structure, as depicted on p. 176-177 of the 2022-2025 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual v3, the District is the next link in the chain after the group.  The District Representative is elected by the Group Representatives to represent the District’s groups at the AWSC.  The DR is the link that ties the groups in a District to the Area and the World Service Conference. The DR is the channel through which information flows from the group and to the group.  

Please click on the following link to view the full article on DRs, read some benefits of being a DR, see the list of current DRs and the areas/sectors of PA where they serve:  District Reps are a vital link!

Your friend,  Lori F

Area Chair, Panel 64