April 16-20, 2018

The Conference Theme

Al-Anon There is no standing still!

Al-Anon ¡No hay razón para detenerse!

Al-Anon Il ny a pas de place pour limmobilisme!


The 2018 World Service Conference (WSC) was held April 16-20, 2018 in West Harrison, New York. The WSC is the permanent body for the expression of the conscience of the AlAnon/Alateen fellowship in the light of our Traditions. It usually meets annually during April. Its membership is composed of the elected World Service Delegates from each Assembly Area in the United States and Canada, the Trustees of Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc., the Chairpersons and WSO staff of all selected committees and the members of the Executive Committee. (2018-2021 AlAnon/Alateen Service Manual, pg. 84) The week was long, with 12-13 hour days, but the work done was worth the time invested. Its difficult to explain what I personally experienced at the conference, but I can say that I have a lot of new friends and to witness our program in this setting was incredible. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to experience just a few hours of the WSC. I am truly honored to be able to represent Pennsylvania at this level.

I remember our previous Delegate saying in her report, So much to share, so little time…” There is not enough time for me to cover the entire week in this report so I am only going to highlight some of what I believe to be important items. I will be sharing more information at the next two AWSC meetings and I hope to present most of what was covered at the WSC.

I will be breaking up the report I gave at the PA Area Assembly in August into several pieces and post them here as separate entries in the Delegate’s Corner on the PA website over the coming weeks. If you are anxious to read more detail on any of these items, check out The 2018 World Service Conference Summary, a 108-page report detailing all that happened at this year’s World Service Conference. If you have any questions, you can contact me here.

Conference Committee on Trustees

Before the conference, I was required to submit my preferences for committees or workshops I was interested in attending. I requested to be a part of the Conference Committee on Trustees. I was assigned to this committee and was voted to be Chair-elect from among the new Delegates on the committee. This was an unexpected honor and I hope to serve well in this role.

Love Gifts

I would like to thank Steph M., Past Area Treasurer, for getting two cases of Pennsylvania apples for the Area to share at the WSC. Steph works for an orchard and provided a case of Red Delicious and a case of Golden Delicious apples that I took to New York. The apples were very good and I received great feedback for bringing the apples. I was even asked by a Delegate from the western part of the U.S. if he could order them and have some shipped to his home. I hope next year Pennsylvania can once again provide this gift at the World Service Conference.

Thank You

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the cards and letters I received before, during, and after the World Service Conference. It meant a great deal to me and I read each message on every card and letter. I personally never sent a message to the Delegates before me while they were at the World Service Conference. I didn’t realize the importance of this until I was at the conference this year. From Sunday, when I got the first pack of cards from my mailbox, until Friday, I looked forward to getting my mailbox during the morning break to see if there were any new messages. Please extend my thanks to all the individuals and groups that took the time to think of me while at the World Service Conference and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to represent Pennsylvania.