Helping hands in service
Helping hands in service

Delegate’s Report to the 2021 Assembly and Presentation

Sep 15, 2021

Greetings! I am glad to serve as your Delegate and to have represented Pennsylvania at the 2021 World Service Conference (WSC) this past April.

It was terrific to attend the Conference, and I am excited to offer you this report and to serve Pennsylvania and Al-Anon worldwide. Seeing all the Group Representatives at the virtual Pennsylvania Assembly in August was so encouraging, and I was honored to present this report to them and pleased to share it more broadly now.

Here are some things you will find in the reports below.

  • World Service Conference (WSC)
  • 2021 WSC Motions
  • WSC Thought Force & Task Forces
  • Chosen Agenda Items & the Mega Issue
  • What’s New at the WSO?
  • Highlight from the 2020 Annual Report
  • 2023 Al-Anon International Convention
  • 70th Al-Anon Anniversary
  • WSO Financial Update
  • Road Trip! You and the Board Connect
  • Timely Topics
  • Delegate’s Corner & Area News

I hope you enjoy this report. Let me know if you need additional information on these topics or others.

Your friend in service,

Lori F.

Delegate, Panel 61

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(Presentation slides)