Helping hands in service

How Higher Power Guided my Decision to Serve as Chair

Feb 12, 2021

I have been in Al-Anon for 14 years. I have served as Secretary, Program Chair, Group Representative (GR), Alternate District Representative (ADR), and for the past 3 years, District Representative (DR) for District 5.

As my service position as a District Representative (DR) was coming to a close, I knew I did not want my service journey to end. By volunteering in Al-Anon, I learned so much about Al-Anon and myself. 

I discussed it with my Sponsor. I knew that I could do a good job, perhaps as Secretary on the next Panel 61. My Sponsor said, “I think you would make a good delegate.” I laughed and said, “no way.” My sponsor reminded me there is growth in service positions and that ultimately higher power would guide me. I turned to my Higher Power for guidance and decided to stand for Delegate.

I turned to my Higher Power for guidance and decided to stand for Delegate.

At the last Zoom Assembly for Panel 58 in August 2020, (we were meeting on Zoom because of the Pandemic) I stood for Delegate. I was not voted in as a delegate. I kept hearing the voice of my Higher Power and my sponsor, “there is growth in standing for service positions in Al-Anon.”

At the next round of voting, I stood for Alternate Delegate. I did not get Alternate Delegate, either. During the break in the election process, I received two e-mails asking me to think about standing for Chair. I heard my Higher Power’s voice in those messages and decided to stand for Chair. I was both excited and terrified and then… I was voted in as the next Chair for Panel 61!

… the way that Higher Power speaks through each of us …

I believe in working as a team and I think we have a great team in Panel 61. I hope everyone who has stood for service in both Panel 58 and Panel 61 has received gifts similar to the gifts from the Al-Anon program that I have received: increased self-worth, acceptance of everyone, serenity, courage-meeting challenging situations head-on, and a greater understanding of Al-Anon. The teamwork and the belief in the process of Group Consciousness, the way that Higher Power speaks through each of us, as well as acceptance of outcomes are some of the benefits I have received.

I am looking forward to working with everyone on Panel 61. Good-bye to Panel 58 and thanks with gratitude and love for all I have learned.

Denise P.

Chair, Panel 61