Looking back — the 1988 Convention

Apr 25, 2019

31 years ago, Evelyn N, in her annual report to the Fall 1988 issue of Al-A-Gram, reported that 1,028 people attended the Convention, the largest attendance to date. It’s an interesting “Look back” at our past. The following is her full report.

As I look back and reflect on the past months of my tenure, I am reminded of the events that prompt my present position. Caught up in the dilemma of someone else’s drinking often clouds the issues of both self and family. There were times when my perspectives were not what they should or could have been. But through your guidance and sharing, I have achieved wisdom, understanding, courage, and hope. The meetings I have attended reinforced my self-esteem and have laid forth a spiritual diet through the Steps, Slogans, and Traditions.

As the 1988 Al-Anon Convention Chairperson, I have received two special gifts, patience and perseverance, and for these, I am more than grateful.

I am also grateful to those of you that chaired workshops, those who shared at workshops, and those who volunteered for the Hospitality and Literature tables, as well as those who attended the convention. And to the many who helped us work through an uncontrollable situation, we THANK YOU, for your patience, your unconditional love, and your never ceasing understanding. Our Higher Power always renders unto us what we need for personal growth. You have allowed me to be a part of this growing experience, and for this, I submit my personal gratitude.

The success of the Convention can be attested by the vast number of people that registered.

  • Registration for the weekend: 922
  • Registration for meals: 28
  • Registration & three meals: 28
  • Registration only: 50
  • Total: 1028

This was the largest group we have had to date with 1028 in attendance. The Fellowship was truly a “Life Line of Love”.