Due to the Governor’s Stay-at-Home order, most meetings across the state are impacted. Many of them have gone from meeting physically to meeting virtually, either through Zoom, Hangouts, or Conference calls. Most online meetings have a dial-in number, so members and newcomers can connect even without a smartphone or computer.

We are no longer inactivating those meetings from our meeting finder. We want newcomers to know that the meetings exist, but are simply impacted by state, county, local, or even location closures.

To make it easy to find a virtual or online meeting for both members and newcomers, we are now collecting meeting details changes in our PA Area Virtual Meetings List and will do our best to reflect those changes as soon as we are told about them, but it could take as much as 24 hours to update a group’s status.

If you are looking for a meeting in southeast Pennsylvania, you should also check the AISDV website, as they might have more current information. In the Pittsburgh area, check the AIS of Greater Pittsburgh website. To inform us about a group that is not meeting, fill in our webform for Virtual Meeting Updates.