Delegate’s Letter – July 2022

Jul 5, 2022

When I Love Somebody…this happens

My love of Service led me to a deeper relationship with Al-Anon! 

 I find I give my time, thoughts, and prayers to the people and the things I love.  I also find that when I am doing things I love or are with people I love, time goes by pretty fast.  For example, when talking on the phone to a close friend, just like that, it has been an hour or two!  Or when I am taking a car ride with my husband, the miles and the minutes do fly by.  I think that is because love can almost make time stand still and makes experiences easier.  Sure, at times love is hard too but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it and fulfilling.

 On the return trip home across NY from my first in person World Service Conference (WSC) it was hard to believe where the week had gone.  We had done so much and I had experienced so much, but it felt like a flash.  The most surprising thing was that I was not tired like I expected I would be.  I was instead energized, and I have found that feeling is staying with me months after the World Conference!  How I see it is that I had the opportunity to grow in my relationship with Al-Anon, the worldwide fellowship!!  I am understanding all this a little more each day and I am truly grateful to be your Delegate and to have this experience to put unconditional love into action.

 Sure, any good, strong relationship takes sacrifice.  But when done out of love, it doesn’t feel like a loss but a gain.  Really neat how that is.  For me it is an honor and privilege to serve Al-Anon and I know the love of the program, my God, and all of you all will continue to carry me forward. 

The WSC was attended by Delegates from all over the US, Canada, Bermuda, and Puerto Rice, as well as our Trustee volunteers and WSO staff.  This WSC made history as we widen our circle of love by adding the new Delegate from the Global Electronic Area to the Conference!  I met so many new friends in service and was inspired by their dedication and willingness to serve and be guided by a loving God who was being expressed in our group conscience.  It was wonderful to be in a room where you could really put your finger on all our Legacies – Step, Traditions, and Concepts – all being practiced, applied, and lived out to carry on our primary purpose to give help and hope to families and friends of alcoholics.  I will not forget that when I pour my heart into service, my recovery is enhanced, my life is enriched and our fellowship as a whole benefits beyond measure.

 I would like to share with you all the happenings from the 2022 WSC Annual meeting and I greatly look forward to being able to do that at our August PA Area Assembly in Harrisburg!  Your hard-working District Representatives already may have had the opportunity to share my report from our May Area World Service Committee meeting with you.  In addition, I would like to offer you this webpage link where my WSC report, presentation, and supporting documents are posted on my Delegate’s Corner on our PA Al-Anon website >  For overall highlights of the WSC, the WSO posts the “Highlights of the 2022 World Service Conference” in English, French, and Spanish on the website. To access, hover over the “Members” tab and click on “World Service Conference (WSC).” Here is the direct link > .

Happy reading this summer! Please let me know if you have any questions or how I can be of service.  I look forward to when our paths cross.  Thank you for all you do for this fellowship we all love!  May the love and peace of the program grow in you more and more with each new day, each new thing you try, and each sacrifice you lovely make. 😊

Your friend in service,

Lori F.

Delegate, Panel 61