Tuesday — Frustration, Tiredness, Sadness

by | Apr 16, 2019

This is part 5 of a series I’m posting on the World Service Conference. Check out my first, secondthird, and fourth posts, if you haven’t already read them. In the picture above, the room is being set up for Monday’s Open Board Meeting. 

Frustration, Tiredness, Sadness. Those are the words that come to mind when I reflect on Monday.

I’ll first address my “sadness.” Yesterday afternoon I received a message letting me know that a past Pennsylvania Delegate passed away suddenly. Deb was the first person to call me after I was chosen to represent Pennsylvania as Delegate. Deb was a friend and always had a minute to talk. She was a great source of information to me and inspired me as I began my role as Delegate. I shared my news with the conference and asked everyone here to remember all those who were willing to do service before us. Deb will be missed.

My “frustration” stems from yesterday afternoon’s session. As we prepared to vote on an important item, discussion ensued. There were opposing views from many people and the discussion became somewhat emotional. I am unable to give specifics at this time, but suffice to say, the concerns were real from both sides. After what seemed like hours, the vote was tabled for a later time. Everyone needed to refocus, connect with their higher power, and pray for guidance in making the “right” decision. When we reconvened after dinner, everyone was better centered and we continued with the vote. The vote was taken and it was over. This situation reminded me that the process works and that we can all be friends afterward, even if we disagree on issues.

I think “tiredness” can explain itself but I’m going to elaborate. The evening session went long last night. I returned to my room, I removed my coat and tie and made a phone call. 2 hours, 29 minutes later, I ended my call and still had a report to write that I am presenting this afternoon. I finally went to bed around 1:45 am and believe or not, I had to get up at 5:00 am to prepare to lead the morning Al-Anon meeting. I’ve told many people the days are long at the World Service Conference, but I think I stretched yesterday to the absolute limit. I’ll be able to sleep in on Friday and that’s what I’m looking forward to.

We have to eat, and it’s especially important to take time out from the sometimes grueling work of the Conference. Lunch was great and just what I needed.

I’m going for another cup of coffee now so that I stay awake the rest of the day. I mean, I would hate to fall asleep at the podium this afternoon while giving a report to the full conference. Actually, I’m just joking. I’m filled with the excitement of the Conference and ready to go!

This is part 5 of a series I’m posting on the World Service Conference. Check out my next post in the series.

Your friend in service,
Jeffrey F., Delegate
Panel 58, Pennsylvania

I’m constantly amazed at the love and support I receive. I can’t say it enough so, Thank You!