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60th World Service Conference Opens

Jeffrey begins his third and final year as Pennsylvania’s Delegate to the World Service Conference. Instead of traveling to Virginia Beach, though, he’s glued to a computer screen somewhere in Pennsylvania.

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Blessed to Serve

The 2019 Assembly is over. In this post, Lori, our Alternate Delegate, shares the many ways that it is a blessing to serve the Pennsylvania Area.

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Looking back — Public Outreach 31 Years Ago

In 1988 — 31 years ago — Districts across the area were very active and working hard to carry the message of hope that is at the heart of Al-Anon. Here we read Jan K’s report which was published in the Fall 1988 issue of Al-A-Gram. Many of the methods of Public Outreach that are mentioned in the report are still applicable today.

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Looking back — the 1988 Convention

31 years ago, Evelyn N, in her annual report to the Fall 1988 issue of Al-A-Gram, reported that 1,028 people attended the Convention, the largest attendance to date. It’s an interesting “Look back” at our past. The following is her full report.

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